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VKLCC COVID-19 Protocols 

Greetings Beloved Saints of God, 


Glory to God who is worthy to be praised!


We have good news with much eager anticipation; the Holy Spirit has finally released us to return to in-person worship service! However, with this good news and the consistent surge of the new Delta variance of the COVID-19 virus, we still need to use safety health measures, exercise wisdom, and good judgment.


Unity commands the blessings of the Lord; therefore, we've established protocols in accordance with CDC guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of all our members and visitors. We respect the fact to be vaccinated or not is a personal choice of the individual. The general concern is to prevent spreading the devastating variant(s) of this deadly virus. To date, no known solutions have been determined to be 100% protective against contracting COVID-19 or any of its variances.


Therefore, we have implemented the following protocols to keep vigilant and safe:

  1. If you or anyone in your family is not feeling well, exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 infection (fever, shortness of breath, aching, etc.) within the past 48 hours, or have come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 10 days, please consider the health and well being of others, stay home, and join us in our Virtual Sanctuary.

  2. *If you are suffering from illness, let us know so that we can be in prayer for you.*

  3. Please use the touchless hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

  4. Although we would love to be able to worship freely without restrictions, we require everyone to wear a mask at all times during service, except for the person teaching or preaching. 

  5. Temperatures will be taken upon entry into the building using a touchless thermometer. We ask that anyone with a fever be considerate of others and do not enter but seek medical attention immediately.

  6. In order to social distance, it is required to maintain an empty seat between you and the next person, unless that person is a family member who resides in the same household as you.

  7. We guarantee that every seat in the sanctuary will be freshly sanitized before and after each weekly service.

  8. Unfortunately, physical contact such as handshaking, cheek kissing, or hugging cannot be permitted at this time. A simple tapping of your hand on your heart would be a lovely gesture of love and warm welcome.

COVID-19 is a Serious thing. Please stay safe and make wise choices in your everyday affairs. Please adhere to the guidance given by the medical professionals and our governing authorities. 

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