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Strength of God's Heart Men's Ministry

Question: How do VKL Men Role For Christ?

                                                       Answer: By understanding Man’s role in the Home.

                                                                           By understanding Mans's Role in the Church.

                                                                           By understanding Man's Role as a Role Model.

                                                                           By understanding Man's Role and as a Leader.

  • In the home, man has a role of accountability as being the provider. He is held accountable by God as the steward of the home; he is the protector, the strength. He is the primary Spiritual Warrior, the pillar of faith. His relationship with God should be evident.

  • In the church, man has a role as a mentor to the younger men, a liaison to church leadership, and a surrogate of the church’s mission and goals.


  • In general, at all times, man should consider himself a role model in the home, in the church, in the community, and on the job; he should demonstrate best practices and have a well-established transparent prayer life. In the home, in the church, on the job, and in the community, man should establish himself not only in a role as a leader but a Christian leader, a man of God, and a mighty man of valor.

The Mission of the VKL’s “Strength of God’s Heart” Men’s Ministry is to provide a platform and a forum for men to grow in Christian maturity. A platform where relationships can be established and nurtured and issues most common to men can be discussed from a Biblical standpoint, sharing experiences in applying Biblical principles and concepts. Create an environment conducive to male bonding through fellowships, Bible study, learning, and understanding how VKL Men “Role” for God-giving all honor and glory to God.

  • Engage in monthly “focus point” meetings consisting of short lessons, open forums, and fellowship activities.


  • Host quarterly round table discussions about discipleship, Bible questions, evangelism, and community. 


  • Participate in outreach projects such as “All the Kings’ Men,” a program instructing young men in single-parent households to be family leaders from their position as Head.

Men, Let's Talk.

Keep on Rolling!!

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is man; an the head of Christ is God-1 Corinthians 11:3

Methods and Practices

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