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God's Amazing Victorious Women of the Kingdom Ministry

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.-Proverbs 31:10

The women of VKLCC are striving to be the “Proverbs 31” woman, where our value far outweighs that of the finest rubies. A little-known fact is that a faultless ruby is the most precious valuable stone known to mankind; its worth and brilliance far exceed that of any comparable diamond. To know that we are that valuable to God is a testimony to our power and purpose! Therefore, the women of VKLCC are on a mission to be the “Eve” God designed us to be, the ultimate helpmeet. We are here to uplift and advance our men, families, community, and nation in the Spirit and love of Christ. Embark on this journey with us to becoming the “Proverbs 31” women of this century. 


This ministry exists to assist our congregation in the purpose of encouraging, empowering, and equipping women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God. To know who we are and whose we are. We are “God’s Amazing Victorious Women of the Kingdom.” This ministry also provides opportunities for women of all ages to develop the *five purposes for which we were created. Our desire is for you to find ministries and activities outlined on this page in which you can serve or be served. It would be an honor and privilege to serve beside you on your spiritual journey as you impact your family and community. We want to take the kingdom of God to the world as we share Christ, whether it is through the various aspects of outreach in the community, Bible studies, conferences, or gatherings.                              


We hope that each woman, regardless of age, will know that we were created through love and with purpose. We are an expression of God’s love, fearfully and wonderfully made. He has a plan for our lives, just as Jeremiah 29:11 tells us, to do us good and not evil, to give us a hope and a future, and to bring us to an expected end. VKL Women’s Ministry’s goal is to grow in our relationships with God and each other through the five purposes, Worship Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, Evangelism, and to serve as Kingdom Builders. 

Five Purposes for Which We Were Created

Excerpts taken from The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren


You were planned for God’s pleasure. Our response is WORSHIP, loving God back. 


You were formed for God’s family. Our response is FELLOWSHIP, loving and relating to God’s family. 


You were created to become like Jesus. Our response is DISCIPLESHIP, developing our Christlike character. 


You are here to make a contribution. Our response is MINISTRY, to serve believers. 


You were made for a mission. Our response is EVANGELISM, serving and sharing the “Good News” with unbelievers. 


It is our prayer that you will grow in love and knowledge of the Lord, accept him as Lord and Savior, discover your purpose in Him, and learn to walk in faith moving forward under God’s divine guidance and direction. Let’s Grow Together and Impact the world!


We would love to hear from you!

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